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Pregnancy and Labor Massage for Couples Classes

Partner Massage Class

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The benefits of partner massage during pregnancy and labor can be physically and psychologically profound for the mother and her partner.  When I teach a partner massage class I provide general tools for relaxation and bonding.  We address the most common discomforts of pregnancy and create an environment that facilitates spoken and unspoken physical communication.  If a person has specific structural issues or preexisting conditions they need to see a qualified massage therapist or physical therapist.

We know that the positive effects of massage in general are greater if administered by her partner.  This is in part due to the emotional connection and support that is inherent in the massage.  Women experience a decrease in the level of stress hormones, deeper and longer sleep patterns, reduced soreness and pain in muscles and joints, decreased anxiety and less postpartum depression.  Partners feel empowered to provide hands on comfort as well as emotional support.  Familial adjustments are easier and self-confidence in parenting skills are buoyed.  Laboring women feel more  attachment with partners and therefore react with more self-assurance and a heightened belief in their ability to cope.  The perception of labor outcomes are more positive for both parents when massage is administered.

Couples should bring several pillows to class and wear comfortable layers of clothes.  Here is what some people are saying about this popular class:

“Lisa’s class went far beyond our expectations”

“Best class we have taken…”

“Lisa’s funny, informative and relaxed style was great…”

“Lisa really knows her stuff-and a whole lot more…we received so much important information from her.”

“I feel much better about supporting my wife now….i can do it!”

You can read an interview with Lisa about her class in motherlove blog:


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